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What do I want?

What do I want by having this?



With whom?

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Does it connect with anything bigger?

Is it stated in the positive?

Is it stated in sensory terms?

Is it in my control to accomplish this goal?

How does it affect others?

What does it cost me?

How much time will it take?

When will I get it?

What is the first step?








How will I know when I've got it?

What will cause/help me to keep on track?

What will hinder me?

What do I have/can I do to bring this about?

What is not in my control? What can I do about this?

When I have completed the first step (second step etc) what will be different?




see the video


Be the person in the film

Be the other person(s) in the film

Be the director/editor of the film

Repeat with having the goal

Does it maintain the benefits of the previous state?

Do I still want it?



The Universal Debriefing System

when you're stressed



creating effective choices

staying flexible

The Universal Debriefing System